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Botox for wrinkles

Botox for wrinkles

Botox which is a derivative compound of botulism toxin is injectable in nature. The facial expressions such as frowning, laughing, smiling lead to the formation of wrinkles are reduced. Reduced secretion of a protein known as collagen also leads to more wrinkle formation.

In spite of its poisonous nature, Botox is safe when used in the right amount and can be used for the treatment of various ailments like migraines, as well as enhance the appearance of a person by removing the wrinkles. The toxin is used after subjecting it to a pharmacological treatment process which gets putrefied and the concentration is reduced significantly. It is a US FDA approved drug for the treatments.

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Use of Botox for treatment of wrinkles:

Botox shots are usually administered on the crow’s feet, wrinkles on the forehead as well as the frown lines that are visible in between the eyebrows, asymmetric eyebrows, and wrinkles around the mouth. These are the areas where the frown lines are usually prominently visible. Apart from this, any wrinkle at other parts of the face can also be treated using Botox.

Working of Botox shots for wrinkle reduction:

  • When the muscles are injected with Botox, the excessive contractions are reduced which leads to the prevention of wrinkle formation.
  • The nerves surrounding the muscles are deadened which prevents the muscle contraction.
  • The effect of the treatment starts getting visible within a week from the date of the treatment and the complete effects can be seen after 12 days from the treatment.
  • The effect lasts for about 3-4months, which usually varies according to the rate at which it gets metabolized in the body of a person receiving the shots.
  • The treatment becomes more efficient with the increase in the number of treatments.
  • Botox operated round the clock to maintain the slackness of the muscles.

Reasons to choose Botox for wrinkle treatment:

There are some reasons which support why one can opt for Botox shots for removing the wrinkles in the face. These reasons are enumerated below:

  1. It is an effective way that provides quick results after the completion of the treatment.
  2. This is an alternative to surgical or the invasive methods of cosmetic treatment such as facelifts etc.
  3. It is comparatively less risky than the surgical methods, which lead to permanent changes in the face.

Side effects of Botox shots for reducing wrinkles:

Botox shots come with short-term side-effects, which usually disappear in around 2 weeks. Some of the side effects are:

  1. Wrinkles caused due to the sun can’t be smoothened through Botox shots.
  2. The muscles in the lower half of the face are responsible for essential daily functions, so these should not be administered with Botox shots, as this would cause them to get weakened.
  3. The site where the injection is applied can get bruised and it takes 5-7 days to vanish.
  4. Usually, during the first application people experience a headache or feelings of sickness that lasts for 24-48 hours.
  5. Sometimes, due to the mistake of the doctors, patients may experience weakness of the muscles and eyebrows that lasts for about 3 months.
  6. One might experience drooping eyelids or eyebrows for a short duration.
  7. The reason behind the forehead wrinkles, sometimes, is the reduction in subcutaneous tissue that causes the eyebrows and eyelids to sag. This leads to a constant raising of the brows. In such a situation, the application of Botox shots on the wrinkles can have a negative impact.SO one should restore the volume using a hyaluronic acid filler. If the lines are still visible after Botox treatment, the deep forehead wrinkles can be filled with fillers.
  8. The process needs to be repeated after every 6 months, as the effects are not permanent.

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Following precautions need to be taken while opting for the Botox shots for wrinkle treatment:

  1. Persons having neurological disorders should not use it.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid this treatment.
  3. It causes problems if some antibiotics or other medications are taken that is known to interfere with the nerve impulse transmission to muscles.
  4. The treatment should be done form an educated, experienced and skillful professional only, as he can give a smooth polished and natural appearance through the treatment and avoid the occurrence of side-effects significantly.
  5. Since pain can occur after the injection is injected, one need to apply ice to the spot. Local anesthesia can also reduce the impact to a large extent, during the treatment.
  6. One needs to attend a consultation with the doctor, before taking the final decision. During this consultation, one can ask the doctor regarding the full treatment plan, pricing and the precautions that are needed to be exercised. The decision needs to be taken cautiously, after knowing both the positive and negative sides of the treatment as well its extent of effectiveness, to avoid any regrets later.
  7. The toxin is available in dehydrated form, so the doctor should use very less amount or dilute it properly

Cost of the treatment using Botox for wrinkles:

The average cost of treatment of the wrinkles using Botox shots comes to around USD 400. The physicians with a better experience can charge more than others.

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