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Botox crows' feet

Botox crows’ feet

Besides looking at the world through our eyes, we use it to form a variety of expressions. The different kinds of movements formed such as squinting, laughing, and smiling leads to the formation of lines and creases at the corner of our eyes. Such kind of wrinkles is being termed as crows’ feet because of their resemblance to the feet of a crow.

At a younger age, the wrinkles disappear after formation, but with the increase in age, the wrinkles stay on our face in the form of thin lines. The stress due to hard work and age factor appear on our faces.

There are various creams available in the market for the treatment of wrinkles, just like there are creams and gels for breast enlargement. Apart from this, Botox treatment is also available which is FDA approved. It is a safe process until the Botox doesn’t spread to areas other than the one on which it should act.

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Treatment of crow’s feet:

Treatment of crow’s feet using Botox shots enables a person to regain the youthful appearance by reducing the fine lines and wrinkle to a considerable extent. The problem of crow’s feet can be resolved through the application of small injections of botulinum toxin, which functions by causing the muscles under the skin to relax, resulting in the reduction of the creases. When the process is carried out by an experienced physician, the lines are effectively reduced, and the impact lasts for 3-4 months. The effect of the treatment is visible 1-2 weeks after the treatment procedure.

The effect before and after of the Botox treatment on the crow’s feet:

  • One can find considerable differences in the look of a person before and after the Botox treatment. The wrinkles get smoothened out, giving the person a youthful and fresh look.
  • The longevity of the look imparted by the Botox treatment depends on the number of corrections made, type of skin on which the treatment is done, the lifestyle of the person and the area that is administered with Botox shots and the type of the treatment recommended.

The Botox treatment process for crow’s feet:

A good doctor usually details out the whole plan to the patient for treatment, so that there are no surprises during the dosage administration.

  • 4-20units of doses are needed for treatment of crow’s feet in women.
  • 10-30 units are needed for men, to treat the crow’s feet.
  • The process is completed in a few minutes.
  • The impact of Botox can be enhanced further by the following ways:
  1. PRP: It increases the thickness of the skin and enhances the fine lines that are present around the eyes. It is very impactful for creepy eyelid skin.
  2. Omnilux Light Treatment: This is useful in improving the skin and fastening the recovery process.
  3. Medical Grade Skin Care: It helps in enhancing and maintaining the result after the Botox treatment.
  4. Dermal Fillers: It is used to soften the hollow areas present under the eyes.
  5. ThermiSmooth: It is used to tighten and soften the fine lines in the face and also useful in lifting up the skin present around the eyes and the eyelids.

The side-effect of Botox treatment for crow’s feet:

When Botox is used to treat the crow’s feet, some side-effects occur, which are enumerated below:

  1. The toxin is injected into the muscles surrounding the crow’s feet. In case no anesthesia is applied, you might experience pain, redness, swelling, bruises.
  2. You may also experience a headache, which decreases with the passage of time. This usually occurs if the physician doesn’t have expertise in injecting the Botox for treatment.
  3. 3. Rubbing the area which has been injected, aggravated the problem, so one should abstain from rubbing it.

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Other alternative ways to treat crow’s feet:

You can find various Botox products from in our cosmetic stores such as injections for skin, crow’s feet, ampoules and hair products. 3 brands of Botox are available with us, i.e, Allergan, Xeomin, and Dysport. We can provide you the reliable products but we do not carry out the treatment procedure. You need to get the treatment done after finding a good physician.

Natural Crow’s feet treatment alternatives:

For those who can’t afford the expensive procedures and the creams for the treatment of wrinkles such as crow’s feet around the eyes, there are certain natural treatment methods backed by science. Some of the methods are enumerated below:

  1. There are strong anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E can efficiently reduce the wrinkles. This is found in the facial creams.
    One can consume flaxseed oil which is a natural source of vitamin E. Besides this, vitamin B and C are also found in the oil which has many other health benefits that can help in reduction of wrinkles.
  2. You can take a vitamin E tablet, poke it and put all the contents on the wrinkled areas that surround the eyes.
  3. You can use egg white face masks. This can be done by cleaning the face first and then applying all the content on the face. This has to be kept for 15 minutes till it dries up. After this, it can be washed off with warm water. This process will lead to tightening of the skin and thus reduce the crow’s feet.
  4. You should have a healthy diet that is rich in anti-oxidants such as eggplant, asparagus, fish and olive oil. It is also necessary to avoid fat milk as it can increase the wrinkles.

Before getting the Botox shots, it is highly essential to tell the doctor you have any kind of neuro-muscular transmission disorders, infection at the injection site, glaucoma, pregnancy, and lactation. A good doctor with expertise in injecting the Botox shots would perform the treatment easily without causing a lot of side-effects.

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