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Botox for Men

Botox for Men

Botox is an FDA approved drug that is injected into the muscles. It is obtained from the toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In its active form, the toxin can be fatal and lead to food poisoning. But while using it for the treatment of wrinkles, muscle spasms.

It functions by blocking the nerve signals on a temporary basis which leads the paralysis of the muscles on a controlled basis. This reduces the chances of wrinkles that occur with increasing age and repeated movement of the facial muscles. When the wrinkles get smoothened out, one can have a youthful look.

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Working of Botox for men:

  • Botox works in a way similar to that of women. You will be injected with a series of injections on wrinkles areas of the face, using a fine needle.
  • The presence of stronger and larger muscles in men necessitates a higher Botox shot than that administered to the women. But the end result would be similar.
  • The higher Botox dose implies that the Botox treatment for men is comparatively costlier than that of women, in spite of administering the same number of injections in the same areas.
  • The amount of injections needed differs with the individuals when they are of the same gender.

Common areas of Botox treatment for men:

The most commonly treated areas in case of male patients include the furrow that is present in between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines present across the forehead, and the crow’s feet.

Botox treatment for men and its lasting duration:

  • Nearly 400,000 men a year are revitalizing their visages with BOTOX, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
  • If you want to prevent the formation of wrinkles and keep your skin rejuvenated, you can start the Botox treatment from the age of 30 and continue the treatment thereafter at regular intervals as per the doctor’s advice.
  • The treatment needs 10-15 minutes to be completed.
  • It doesn’t require any recovery time, but there are chances of occurrence of minor side-effects, which disappears after some time.
  • The impact of the treatment is completely visible within a week after the treatment.
  • Though the dosage is more in case of men, the treatment lasts for about 3-6 months, which is similar to that of the women.
  • The following cosmetic goals can be achieved using Botox in men:
  1. Apart from the reduction of crow’s feet, the “frown lines” present between the eyebrows which are known as the Glabellar lines, can be smoothened.
  2. Lip lines radiating from the edge of the mouth.
  3. The bunny lines present on the side of the nose.
  4. Banding of skin on the neck.
  5. It can be used in combination with the dermal fillers in order to enhance the prevention of wrinkled and cause the rejuvenation of skin volume and tone
  6. It is also used by bodybuilders to get a youthful look.

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One needs to exercise the following precautions before getting Botox shots:

  1. A certified medical doctor with past expertise should only be consulted for the Botox treatment, like the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons, The American Board of Dermatology or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  2. In some states, even the non-experienced persons who are not doctors, administer the Botox doses. This should be strictly avoided because when such inexperienced persons inject Botox, many side-effects erupt.
  3. Any establishment that is marked as “Medical spa” doesn’t make it necessary that the persons who would administer the injections would be professionals. So, one must thoroughly confirm if the person who would apply the Botox shot is well certified and has a proven record of such kind of treatments in the past.
  4. It is necessary to inform the physician regarding the any prescribed or non-prescribed medications taken, as there are chances of drug interference. You should also inform the doctor if you have any neuromuscular functionality problem.
  5. If you are allergic to any ingredient in Botox, then you should avoid it.
  6. It is usually advised to avoid going to the gym or doing any kind of exercises that can affect the Botox treatment. One should wait for a minimum of 24 hours before starting any cardio or lifting weights.

The reason behind this is that, the face needs time to get healed naturally and when one goes to the gym, the Botox product that has been injected during the treatment can get metabolized at a pre-mature rate, rendering the total process ineffective.

Cost of Botox for men:

It is essential to decide the areas which need to be administered with Botox. The charges range from $400-$800 depending on the physician’s expertise and experience, the size of treatment area

Generally, it costs $12 per unit or $15 per vial. So, when cheap offers are made for Botox treatment, one should be cautious that the treatment might not be effective and may result in a lot of side-effects.

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Alternatives to Botox for men:

In case you are doubtful about using the Botox products, we have some best alternatives for you. You can use Dead Sea Mud Mask

to get a tightened skin, besides removing the impurities and wrinkles from your face. This is a natural way by which you can achieve a balanced skin tone.

Other cosmetic products can also be used to achieve similar results.

Our online cosmetic store supplies various Botox products ranging from injections for skin, crow’s feet, ampoules to the hair products. 3 brands of Botox by Allergan, Xeomin, and Dysport are available to us. We only supply the products but it is your duty to find a right physician to get the products administered by you and get a fresh and youthful look.

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