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Botox for hair

Botox for Hair

If you have ever heard of Botox, you must have heard regarding its cosmetic use. It is also used for hair. And these entities are not same.

With increasing age, hair loss occurs and they become less elastic like our skin. The Botox products that are meant for hair, are responsible to provide you a fuller look to the hair and make the hair smooth by reducing its frizziness.

Constituent and working of Botox for hair:

Botox used for the treatment of wrinkles in the skin has botulinum toxin in it. But the Botox used for hair doesn’t have this constituent. Still, its name is Botox because of its functional similarity.

Botox works by causing the relaxation of muscles and smoothing out the wrinkles. In the same way, “hair Botox” is used to fill up the hair fibers and provide a fuller look to the head, besides smoothening it.

The Botox for hair works mainly as a deep conditioner which operated by coating the hair fibers with fillers like keratin. This lead to filling up of the areas that have been thinned or broken, providing a fuller and lustrous appearance to the hair.

The constituents of “hair Botox” varies according to the products, such as Intra-Cylane is used by L’Oreal Professional’s Fiberceutic to fill up the hair strands with smooth elastic fibers which provide a lot of smoothness.

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The process and price of using hair Botox:

Hair Botox can be used by persons having certain problems related to hair such as split ends, thin and frizzy hair. It is also used for straightening up the hair.

It is applied to the hair directly.

First of all the hair is washed with a shampoo to open up the cuticles after which the hair Botox is massaged from the root to the tips of the hair. The hair is left in this condition for 20-90 minutes. Sometimes stylists prefer to wash off the hair Botox before it gets dried up and then straightens it with a flat iron.

The impact is visible as soon as the hair gets dried up and lasts for about 2-4 months which differs from person to person. It lasts longer when a shampoo with low-sulfate or no sulfate is used.

It costs $150-$300 to carry out the treatment. Price also depends upon the products used and vary with the geographical area.

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Benefits of hair Botox:

  1. The product is safe for use on any kind of hair. You must take care not to let it get in contact with your skin to avoid any allergic reaction.
  2. It doesn’t make use of any chemical such as formaldehyde (carcinogenic)that is used during keratin treatment.
  3. Its results are instant unlike the keratin treatment that needs 3 days to set in. The hair Botox operated through deep penetration into the hair instead of just sitting on the top.
  4. Ths smooth and silky hair is formed without causing their bonds to break.
  5. The rich formula of the hair Botox provides nutrient into the cortex of the shaft cuticles, that has been damaged. Thus, the restoration occurs from inside out.
  6. It is a method of re-constructive treatment because the hair loss is reduced due to organic microspheres.
  7. It makes the curly and frizzy hair smooth, though it can’t straighten them fully.

Our online store has the following Botox hair products:

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  1. Majestic Hair Botox:You get this product from Amazon. It sells our really fast. It doesn’t contain chemicals like formaldehyde thus, there are no chances of releasing toxic fumes. You can get a frizz-free hair after just one treatment because it helps in getting a healthy hair by repairing the damages caused to it.The product is available in different sizes that come with a kit for after and before care products, that can be done at home. Not only this, you can get best follow-up services. After applying the product, you can wash your hai on the same day and get your hair indulged in Caviar oil. This will help you add elasticity to your hair and make it rejuvenated. Besides caviar oil, it contains BONT-L peptide, vitamin B-5, E vitamins, and collagen complex.
  2. Inoar Argan BotoHair:This product has the ability to decrease the frizz by 95% by which you can even manage your curly hair easily. You can feel an enhancement in the texture of the hair just after the first use. The product has proteins and other ingredients that make the hair lustrous and silky.Read About Better than Botox
  3. Kashmir Botox For Your Hair SystemThis product is highly recommended when the hair is severely damaged. The keratin is used in its microscopic form in this product and it takes about halftime as that of the traditional keratin treatment impact of this product lasts for a period of 3 months when you can be sure of preventing split end fracture. It fills up the areas that lack protein. It provides protection against the UV rays and prevents hair loss. You can wash your hair on the same day after using the product and get it colored in the very next day. It has 0.2% formaldehyde in it.
  4. The Magic Botox Effect:This is a hair replenishing product that provides the hair a smoother texture and a lustrous appearance along with conditioning effect. It regenerates damaged hair and provides a person thicker, healthier and natural hair.
  5. Bio Brazilian Keratin Cure:This product is known to provide a smoother, shinier and bright looking hair instantly. It can repair the damaged hair and provide nourishment to the dry hair because of its ingredients consisting of a combination of complex oils. This helps in moisture retention and strengths it from the root to the tip by preventing hair loss and protection from thermal heat blowout.

Some other alternative products:

These are a few alternatives which are not available in our cosmetic store but you can try them:

  1. Provillus:
    This is one of the best herbal solutions for hair treatment at a cheaper price. It can treat hair loss and re-growth in men. The results can be expected in 1month.
  2. TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System. It includes TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo, made with lower sulfates, the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Conditioner which contains Thermal Technology that gets activated by the heat of your straighteners.




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