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Botox Brow Lift

Botox Brow Lift

With the increase in age as well as owing to the environmental factors, our skin starts sagging and wrinkles are formed on the faces, in the corner of the eyes in form of crow’s feet, in the forehead, etc. The sagging has an impact on the brows and the forehead too. In order to remove the signs of aging, one can opt for Botox brow lift procedure. This procedure reduces the signs of aging by enhancing the position as well as the shape of the eyebrows and the forehead area

The working of Botox around eyes:

Botox works by causing relaxation of certain muscles around the eyes. The group of muscles that pull the brow up and the other group of muscles that pull the brow down are partially responsible for the position of the brow. The upward pull of the Frontalis muscle and the downward pull of the lateral orbicularis muscle determine the positioning of the lateral brow. When Botox is injected into these muscles, the appearance of aging can be reversed. This would cause the worry lines and deeper grooves appearing due to frowning, in the lower portion of the forehead, to fade away. Now the lifted brows would have a smoother appearance as well as appear more youthful.

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The benefits of treatment of Botox brow lift and its lasting period:

  1. Botox brow lift is possible in all types of skin. Though this technique one can naturally lift the eyelids or lower eyebrows that have drooped down owing to various factors. The brow lift results in lifting of the lifting up of the natural eyebrow arches by a few millimeters. In spite of being an effective way of rejuvenation of the upper portion of the face, the result of the treatment is not ever-lasting, just like the other products of Botox. This would last for about 3-4 months.
    Actually, the time period for which the effect of the treatment lasts depends upon the patients’ metabolism rate of the drug with respect to time. So, it is necessary to evaluate an individual basis the amount to be administered for a brow lift.
  2. The benefit of this process is that it not only reduces the aging signs but also causes a delay in the brow lift surgery. Being a non-invasive process, it can be perfected with the passage of time when the person starts aging.
  3. When the Botox injections are administered by skillful physicians, one can get a beautiful and a natural looking change in the eyebrows through a precise lift of the eyebrows softly resting along its ridges. Even the lines in the forehead get smoothened within a week of the treatment. There is no need for recovery or downtime.
    A little amount can be initially administered to see how the effect and then the amount can be slightly increased, in order to avoid any side-effects.
  4. Persons who have excess noticeable frown lines in between their eyebrows have a positive experience form this treatment procedure.
    But the patients having a depressed look with no fat under their brows can be benefitted from the fillers which can impart a plumper look to the brow and make it appear more natural by providing it a bit of lift.
    There are other patients who can be benefitted from a blend of the chemical lifts.
  5. This method is also an easy non-surgical method for the ophthalmologists that is more affordable on the part of the patients.
  6. The recovery time is less in this process and the risks are also less as compared to the cosmetic surgeries that are done to obtain similar results.

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Disadvantages of Botox brow lift:

It is necessary that the persons opting for the Botox brow lift should be aware of some of the side-effects that might occur after the treatment. The side-effects are enumerated below:

  1. The results are temporary, lasting for about 3-6 months.
  2. The brow can be lifted by a few millimeters only, which is not a great change,but through the risky surgical method, it can be lifted by 1cm or even more.
    The surgical brow-lift method needs coronal, the endoscopic and the direct brow-lift procedures which require higher investment for getting trained to perform the operation as well as to acquire the equipment needed to carry out the procedure.
  3. There are chances of occurrence of mishaps such as injecting the Botox into the forehead and expecting the browlift. This would be ineffective in browlift as it can only remove the wrinkles in the forehead.
  4. Injecting Botox deep into the tissue around the eyes can lead it into the orbit causing temporary ptosis.
  5. Some patients can experience hypersensitivity.
  6. There can be an appearance of black-and-blue marks or pinpoint bleeding at the point where the needle is inserted.
  7. A trauma in the face can lead to the outbreak of herpes, which can be prevented by taking Valtrex 500 mg twice each day from the day before beginning the treatment can be helpful.

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